Apr 4 2014

Kelsey & John – Proposal at Baker Park

Shooting John and Kelsey’s proposal was a first for me!  Since they are my neighbors,  my challenge was to find a way to be near enough to capture the big moment without being seen or recognized by Kelsey beforehand and ruining the surprise. Rewind back to a few weeks ago when John told me he had the ring and had set a date. We worked together on the time and location, and here it is; a proposal at Baker ParkOh, I’m pretty sure she said yes!


John&Kelsey-10 John&Kelsey-20 John&Kelsey-60 John&Kelsey-50 John&Kelsey-65 John&Kelsey-70 John&Kelsey-80 John&Kelsey-100 John&Kelsey-110 John&Kelsey-120 John&Kelsey-130 John&Kelsey-140 John&Kelsey-150

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Mar 28 2014

Elizabeth & Tim – Engaged

As a musician, I have long appreciated the special bond that music creates among people.  It’s as if music is a language that transcends all others, inspiring and bringing people together. Elizabeth, a cellist, and Tim, a violinist, meeting as music teachers, are proof of music’s powerful and unique ability to unite and transform. On a rare sunny afternoon, I had a chance to spend some time with them walking around Historic Downtown Frederick, documenting their recent engagement…


Elizabeth&Tim-77 Elizabeth&Tim Elizabeth&Tim-33 Elizabeth&Tim-62 Elizabeth&Tim-55 Elizabeth&Tim-111 Elizabeth&Tim-19 Elizabeth&Tim-88 Elizabeth&Tim-9

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Jan 1 2014

Weddings & Engagements 2013

Looking over the weddings of the past year, I am in awe and humbled that I have been allowed to document one of the most important days in our life ‘s journey-the uniting and merging of destinies, hopefully, joyfully and courageously, sharing a future and trusting each other to honor and carry dreams in sunshine or in rain.  Please enjoy this year’s images accompanied by a song* that captures the eagerness and desire to find that perfect one to share the journey.  To the couples of 2013, please accept my gratitude for being invited to share your day and my warmest wishes that all your minutes and years be happy ones together.

* “Minutes and Years” by Rusty Clanton https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rusty-Clanton/130902033635751

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